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Brand Logo Branch Name Phone Number
2Digits Solutions Lagos+234-80-66118072
3A Computers Kaduna08028283063 08033017606
3Com Technology Limited Lagos08066741734 08185073907
4God Technology Kwara07037376282 08096962818
4Runners Of Christ Computer Center Ekiti08137478223
7 Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos, Abia(+234-1) 4931804 4975332 4937687 (+234-80) 23066061 2300449
A And C Connection Limited Lagos08031945521 07063418688
A B Money Printing Press Lagos08121471242 08180800784
A Babs International Oyo08079004433 08033773135
A J Zion Intercontinental Limited Lagos08023177821 08094533700
A K Genius Computer Engineering Lagos08152890003
A K Technical Ventures Lagos08033249117 08023136634
A M S Computer System Lagos08023439207 08065555632
A Plus Global Technology System Lagos08029513503
A2 Compuserve Enterprises Yobe07064385048 08027725530
Abbey Dinno Communications Oyo08063688304
Abbey Tech Computer Kogi08164750761
Abbey Technology Company Kogi08134033138 08164750761
Abc Telecom Ventures Ondo08053432105 08072001992
Abdata Solutions Abuja08030805780 08060779797
Abisco Computer Centre Lagos08109656798 08090550340
Ablotech Computer Lagos08022201545
Abmikes Engineering Works Edo08053116961
Above Ventures Limited Abia+234-1-7214467
Abraliz And T Ventures Lagos08023619604 08051409245
Abubakar Ridwan Ondo08160665240 07068801625
Abysmalsoft Company Limited Lagos08182440573 08161240573
Academy For Computer Accountants Lagos08056533448
Access Links Technology Solution Limited Lagos08154175409 07036280284
Aco Computer Technologies Nigeria Limited Abuja08033622365 092907951
Act Computer Institute Lagos08022033490 07030114968
ActivEdge Technologies Limited Lagos09060000292-0706623053
Ad Business Center Delta08162234306
Adeamk Limited Edo08065157353 07053103055
Adeleye Adeyemi Computer Engineering Ogun07035408867
Adeola Business Palace Oyo08138139136
Adespart Computer Tchnology Ogun08035328903
Adewolf Nigeria Limited Ondo08032678747
Adex Communication Lagos08032539242
Adex Computer Communication And Services Ondo08132619150
Adnet Weigh And Infotech Company Lagos07025883928 08033586987
Adonai Computers And Information Technology Rivers08091024789 07039440313
Adungolden Ventures Oyo08062589587 07040350097
Aduntayo Global Services Lagos08055082373 07067333901
Advance Business Technologies Limited Abia(+234-1) 5450703 5450689 5877600
Advance Infomation Technology Links Ait Links Kwara07033223353 08051328318
Advance Software System Limited Lagos08034342727 014708320
Advance Software Systems Limited Abia+234-1-2691610
Advanced Business Technologies Limited Lagos08032030497 08032030502
Advanced Digital Technologies Nigeria Limited Lagos(+234-1) 7745236 4620270
Advent Technology Ogun08145952035 08090974206
Aerial And Satellite Resources Limited Lagos014934590 014934593
Affine Mercury Limited Kaduna07035008426 08038398585
Afimex-Bonfel Technologies Nigeria Limited Abia(+234-1) 2672333-7 23213485 27638249
Africom Technologies Limited Lagos08033660812 018928719
Afrilinks Computer & Office Equipment Lagos(+234-1) 610771 2625543
Afrilinks Computer & Office Equipment Lagos(+234-1) 610771 2625543
Afripoint Network Abia+233238808536-+2347064805756
Afta Technology Kwara08030947468 08095846936
Ahmedin10 Borno08033730881
Ahulo Technology Computer Limited Abuja08034051655 08056386445
Aikins Int'l Co Lagos+234-8023020046
Aimwell Computers Lagos+234-8033018690
Air Rick Computer Enterprises Benue07037984111
Aithel Computers Lagos+234-8055344717
Ajibs Computers Nigeria Enterprises Abuja08164966779 08186885225
Akamabiz Group Kwara07069328824
Akantino Lagos08137382722
Akinlabi Computer Centre Osun08165133335 08186989829
Akins And Company Ogun08022509022 08035224699
Akintech Lagos08183278683
Akod Comuters Lagos08033006665 08096600286
Al Halal Communication Technology Kogi08035936608
Al-Faruk Integrated Services Zamfara08032890975
Aladedahunsi Digtal Technologies Ekiti08135635566
Albertronics Gadget Zone Lagos+234-1-6280131 +234-80-33075178
Albertronics Limited Lagos08033075178 016280131
Alex Investment Limited Kogi07058290829
Alfredola International Communication Limited Lagos08065490821
Alham Nigeria Limited Osun08102260253
Alhamid Prospect Computer Lagos08076162750 07039132560
All Technologies Lagos+234-1-2696237
Alliance System Limited Lagos+234-1-8500339 +234-1-802 224 3197
Allied Computers Lagos234-1-2716287 2716288
Alliedsoft Abia+234-1-2703341 +234-1-2703342
Alpha-Gamma Co Lagos+234-8033301086
Alphaman Oyo08064237965 08098131082
Alphcom Interbiz Projects Lagos+234-8033238062
Alto Technologies Lagos+234-8023079001
Alva Technologies Ltd Lagos
Alva Technologies Ltd Lagos08152747933
Alvar Gobal Systems Limited Abuja08035928849 08099200290
Amadeus Nigeria Abia+234 1 461 5730
Amatech Digital Technologies Abia08062188760-08062188760
Ambeco Groups Lagos08166273988 08131995186
Ambiyet Communication Company Abia+234-1-4812227
Amek Computer Internet Browsing Rivers08064420525 08036680248
Amen Computers Lagos+234-8033254962
Amond Computer Training College Lagos08038249170